Ultimate 39 Point Home Marketing Plan

    1. Place advertising in RE/Max database. There are thousands of RE/Max agents in the Atlanta area. These agents will get notified when your home goes on sale.

    2. Send “Just Listed” cards to over 1,300 partners and affiliates in our database.

    3. Insert property on our website, www.KennesawLife.com, which will have several property pictures and main information about your property made available to anyone who visits my website.

    4. Place an advertisement on Facebook promoting your property to thousands of home buyers.

    5. Promote the property to all top Realtors in Atlanta Real Estate Offices.

    6. Perform a Reverse Prospecting Search to attract prospective buyers within the MLS.

    7. Help you relocate locally, or out of the area with highly experienced RE/Max agents across the globe – so your sure to have the highest quality agent to help them on both sides of their move to make it worry and stress-free.

    8. Send a personalized letter to residents in the immediate neighborhood promoting the features and lifestyle benefits of the property.

    9. Set up a 24 hour 800 # message for the property to allow buyers to access information at their convenience 24 hours a day.

    10. Weekly meeting with the team to mastermind on what steps have been completed and executed in the marketing of the home.

    11. Advertise the property on other co-op listing fliers.

    12. Maximize showing potential through professional signage. RE/Max has the most recognizable Logo and Trademark in this area.

    13. Electronically submit the listing information to the Multiple Listing Service for exposure to over 12,000 active real estate agents in the Multiple Listing Service area.

    14. Enter your name and address in office computer system to keep seller informed of market changes, mortgage rate fluctuations, sales trends or anything that may affect the value and marketability of their property.

    15. Provide Open Houses with a Kennesaw Life team member at your request.

    16. Explain the use of the Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement that you will complete, and that will be presented to the buyer of their home.

    17. Price the property right the first time, ensuring you find the one buyer on planet Earth willing to pay more money than anyone else for your property.

    18. Promote the property at the weekly company sales meeting.

    19. Advertise the property electronically to all the area Realtors with full-color flyers e-mailed directly to their inbox.

    20. Suggest or advise changes to make the seller more saleable and attractive to buyers.

    21. Prospect three hours, and contact twenty people per day looking for potential buyers.

    22. Send mass email to our 10,000+ person database.

    23. Have cooperating brokers in the area tour your home when available.

    24. Assist you with interim financing if necessary.

    25. Provide a professional home staging consultation if desired.

    26. Provide professional photography.

    27. Submit the property to Top Internet Sites: Realtor.com, Homes & Land.com, Yahoo Real Estate, Homes.com, MSN Real Estate, and more than 20 others.

    28. Submit the property to web-based buyer classifieds (Trulia, Craigslist, Zillow Etc.)

    29. Promote the property at all MLS association marketing sessions.

    30. Provide Staging Checklist to suggest constructive changes to the property to make it more appealing, to show exceptionally well and help it to yield the greatest possible
    price to an interested buyer.

    31. Provide seller with a Showing Checklist which offers home showing guidelines to help have the home prepared for appointments.

    32. Determine if seller qualifies for our Smart Seller Program.

    33. Re-write Advertisements weekly to keep them fresh.

    34. Target the market to determine who is the most likely buyer willing to pay the highest price.

    35. Follow up with all buyer leads and inquires within 5 minutes.

    36. Track all numbers to determine where the buyers are seeing the property.

    37. Improve the marketing of any under-performing marketing campaigns.

    38. Targeted telemarketing directed to qualified buyers.

    39. Meet with our preferred lenders to see if they have any prospective buyers in their network.

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