Low Credit Home Buying Program

    Do you have a “not so perfect” credit score and want to buy a house? The low credit home buying program may be for you.

    How it Works 

    1. Fill out the form on this page. We’ll call you to discuss your situation.
    2. Once we determine the program is a good fit, you’ll hire Lexington Law to repair your credit.
    3. Lexington Law will repair your credit score, making you eligible to buy a house.
    4. We go home shopping together and help you buy a home.
    5. At closing, Kennesaw Life writes you a check for the services of Lexington Law.

    Minimum Requirements

    • No recent bankruptcies or foreclosure
    • $40,000+ annual income
    • Stable job history

    Fine Print

    Kennesaw Life rebates your credit repair services at closing. You enroll and pay for the service until closing. Must use a Kennesaw Life home buying agent to collect your rebate. Kennesaw Life will rebate all credit repair charges up to $600.


    How long does the Lexington Law credit repair service take to improve my credit score?

    As little as one month and as long as 12 months. It depends on the number of derogatory marks on your credit report along with the severity of those marks. In general, most people see improvement after three months and we’re home shopping in 5-6 months.

    I’m paying for the credit repair service now and Kennesaw Life rebates the cost of the service at closing. Can you pay for the credit repair up front?

    When you pay for the service, that tells us you’re serious about buying a home. We reward your loyalty and commitment to helping yourself by a home.

    I’ve got a really bad credit score. It could take 12 months to fix. Will you rebate the entire 12 months worth of service?

    We rebate up to $600 worth of credit repair services.

    Do I have to use Lexington Law as my credit repair company?

    No, you can pick any credit repair company. We have no affiliation with Lexington Law and don’t get paid to endorse them. We’ve just seen the best results with Lexington Law. They are the biggest credit repair company in the United States for a reason.

    Next Steps?

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