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    Home Buying Programs

    Kennesaw Life provides homeowners several UNIQUE programs designed to help people purchase a home. Scroll down and determine which program works best for you. Fill out the contact form and we’ll contact you to discuss the program in more detail.

    No Down Payment Program


    • 640+ minimum credit score
    • FHA mortgage
    • Second mortgage to cover the 3.5% minimum down payment with rates as low as 0%
    • $80,000 maximum income



    Low Credit Score Home Buying Program


    • 580+ credit score
    • Downpayment may not be necessary, but is helpful for approval
    • 1+ year of job stability required


    Military Veteran Home Buying Program


    • 580+ credit score
    • No down payment required in most cases
    • 30 year fixed rate
    • 1+ year job history



    Rent to Own 


    • Minimum lease is one year. You have no obligation to lease or purchase beyond one year. If you decide not to buy the house, the transaction is just like a lease. You’ll be given your security deposit back at the end of the lease.
    • You may lease up to five years.
    • You may decide to purchase any time within the five years.
    • The list price of the home must be within $100,000 and $550,000.
    • 550+ TransUnion Credit Score
    • Annual household income of at least $50,000
    • Stable employment
    • No history of eviction and no pending bankruptcy

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