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About Rich Spaulding

My Story  

Rich Spaulding

My family and I moved from Port Saint Lucie, Florida to Kennesaw, Georgia in 2013.  I had just sold my E-commerce business to a bigger European company (for a nice size profit) and was ready for a new challenge.  Online marketing has always been a strength of mine, and when a prestigious SEO company in Atlanta, Georgia came knocking at my door, I answered.  The new job was exciting, and the idea of raising our children in Georgia was also appealing.  

I spent two months in a hotel while my family stayed in South Florida.  I wanted to find a city that was within commute distance to Atlanta, but family-friendly.  The cost of living was a factor along with top-notch school system for my children, low-crime rates, and plenty of amenities for my wife (she likes to shop).  There are several attractive cities within commuting distance from Atlanta.  Roswell, Alpharetta, Woodstock, Cumming, Peachtree City, and of course - Kennesaw.  During my search, something strange happened:  I kept comparing every city to Kennesaw.  I would visit Roswell and compare it to Kennesaw.  I stayed in Woodstock and compared it to Kennesaw.  I wasn't doing this on purpose - but it was clear that Kennesaw was my subconscious choice.  

After careful consideration, we chose to move to the Legacy Park neighborhood in Kennesaw, Georgia.  We still live there today and couldn't be happier.  Kennesaw, Georgia is going to be our home for the next 20 years because it's the PERFECT place to raise a family.


My background is marketing.  Both traditional and online marketing.  

  • Bachelor Degree as a marketing major
  • Built, operated and sold an e-commerce business
  • Former Vice President of an SEO (search engine marketing) marketing firm

I've been married for 13 years and have three boys.  Ethan is nine years old and is a 4th grader at Mt. Paran Christian School.  Dylan is four years old and attends Pre-School at Mt. Paran.  Logan is my newborn.  Three boys.  I couldn't be any luckier.  


"Hustle" is my middle name

I work harder than my competitors.  That's my secret.  I don't get paid until you sell your home and receive a check or buy a home and receive your keys.  In other words, it's in my best interest to help you get to the finish line.  I'm relentless.  

I don't believe in real estate "teams".  When you hire me, you get 100% me.  The relationship with my clients is my biggest asset.  My income lives and dies with my reputation and I won't allow anybody else to have control of my reputation.  This means when you call me, I answer the phone.  When you have a question, I'll answer it.  All me.  All the time.  You deserve nothing less.

Christian values are my foundation

I'm a proud Christian and member of NorthStar Church.  You'll often see me volunteering and spending time helping other church members.  I try and live my life according to the teachings of Jesus Christ.  

I'll tell it to you straight.  Granted, it might not be what you want to hear, but it will ALWAYS BE THE TRUTH.  

Investor Friendly Real Estate Agent

As a real estate investor myself, I'm familiar with the real estate investor language and mindset.  I know you're more interested in the numbers rather than the emotion of buying a property.

As an investor friendly real estate agent, I'm comfortable making "less than full price" offers (low ball offers).  I enjoy the hunt for a good deal.  After we've found the right property, I provide value by providing full-service real estate listing services, at one percent commission.  You keep more of the profit and I earn your future business.

short sale and foreclosure certification


When you hire me, you've got my attention.  Your calls and emails will always be answered in a timely fashion.  I've built my real estate business always ensuring my clients first, and when you're my client, you're my biggest priority.  Always.

I work with a small number of clients every month.  Why?  Because I can't provide the level of service you should expect by overloading myself.  There is a possibility I might be booked up when you call for my help.  If that's the case, I'll refer you to another specialty REALTOR or thank you for your patience while I finish up with current clients.

Rich Spaulding Testimonial


Virtually every REALTOR claims to be a great negotiator.  But that's impossible.  In fact, I'd say 10% of REALTORS are skillful at negotiation.  The reality is most agents have negotiation experience, but very little talent or strategy.  Most REALTORS think the price is the most important part of a real estate deal, but they're mistaken.  It's the contract terms.  When you hire me, you should know I push for contract terms well in your favor on every transaction.  Negotiating price is easy.  You'll receive a great price. The details of the contract are what separates a good REALTOR from an outstanding REALTOR.  That's the truth. 

We Have Fun Together

If you're buying or selling a home, chances are you're probably a bit stressed out.  That's why it's crucial you're partnered with someone that will make the entire process fun.  I'll keep your emotions in check by setting the right expectations from the start.  I update you every step of the way and ensure you're having fun from start to finish.  I promise you'll have fun when working with me.

Thanks for reading and God Bless!


Rich Spaulding is the owner of Kennesaw Life Real Estate.  Rich is expert in Kennesaw, Georgia (and surrounding area) real estate knowledge and expertise.  Contact Rich directly at 678-687-3554 or  

Rich Spaulding