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First Time Home Buying Service

Quick story:  When I was a first time home buyer, I remember being overwhelmed and slightly confused.  I had many questions and even searching for answers on the internet didn't help much.  So, I did what every first time home buyer should do:  Get professional help and hire a real estate agent.

My real estate agent was a stranger.  We were moving to a new city and I didn't know an agent in the area.  I picked the agent based on his knowledge of the area and willingness to work with first time home buyers (many agents prefer NOT to work with first timers because they often require more work for the same money).  

Brent (my agent) answered all our questions (we had many).  He walked us through the financing and home buying process.  He listened to our wants and needs, set up the email search alert, showed us eight homes, negotiated the deal, handled all paperwork and offered terrific advice.  All while answering his phone promptly and with a great attitude.  

The story has a happy ending too.  We ended up purchasing a newly constructed home with all the upgrades (thanks to Brent's negotiations).  Also, Brent's introduction to his preferred mortgage lender helped us save thousands (we were quoted a higher rate with our bank). 

Brent was the ideal real estate agent.  We were lucky and grateful to have him part of the home buying process.  I'm also lucky to see how a professional real estate agent can help home buyers save thousands of dollars, hours of time, and take away all the anxiety of buying a home.

Brent showed me what it takes to help first time home buyers secure their first home.  I'm excited to share that knowledge with you!

What Does the First Time Home Buying Service Include?

  • Protection - I represent your interests only!  The listing agent represents the seller only.  I protect your interests and fight for you.  Similar to a defense lawyer vs the prosecuting attorney.  Your protection is my number one priority.
  • Guidance - I'll walk you through the entire process step by step.  Picking out the home, negotiation, inspections, appraisals, walk through, and closing.
  • Advice - I'll provide advice on everything from choosing the right neighborhood to determining an offer price on the home.  
  • Prompt Responses - You'll have many questions throughout the process.  I pride myself on answering all phone calls and emails fast.  No exceptions.
  • Honesty & Integrity - I"ll tell it to you straight.  All the time.  

How much money does the service cost?

Zero.  Nadda.  Zip.  I don't charge you a dime.  My compensation is paid by the listing agent of the home.

Are there special mortgage loans for first time home buyers?

Yes!  As a first time home buyer, Uncle Sam wants to help you achieve the American dream of home ownership.  We'll talk about all the special loan programs and down payment assistance available to you.

How many homes does that average first time home owner view before buying?

Seven home viewings is about average.  If I do my job right, it will be seven homes or less.  However, the goal is to find you the perfect home.  If we need to view 30 homes to meet the goal, that's not a problem. 

We may be six months or more away from buying a home.  Is that okay?

Yes!  Fill out the form below and we'll setup a home buying consultation.  You'll receive a home buying timeline and specifically scheduled tasks.  This way, you'll always stay one step ahead and avoid any hiccups.

I'm ready to start the process of buying a home.  What's next?

Fill out the form below and I'll contact you immediately.


Rich Spaulding is the owner of Kennesaw Life Real Estate.  Rich is expert in Kennesaw, Georgia (and surrounding area) real estate knowledge and expertise.  Contact Rich directly at 678-687-3554 or  

Rich Spaulding