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FES Protection Plan Review (Credit Repair Program)

I once had a 468 credit score.  Rich Spaulding

I remember feeling helpless and powerless.  I couldn't buy a car.  Mom was forced to co-sign the car loan.  I couldn't rent an apartment or house.  Mom came to the rescue again.

I now have a 642 credit score, own a home, and a car.  A 642 credit score is nothing to brag about, but I've got my freedom back. Every day, I'm seeing progress and eventually I reach my goal of an 800 credit score.

The service I use to increase my credit score is called the FES Protection Plan by United Credit Financial Services.  I paid $188 to start the service and $89/month.  I chose FES because a friend I trust recommended the program.  

People are asking about my experience with this credit repair company, so I'm writing a 100% transparent and honest review.  I'll tell you the good and bad about the program.  

What is the FES Protection Plan?

In short, the FES Protection Plan is a bundle of services and tools to increase your credit score quickly.

Credit Restoration FES Protection Plan

Under the Fair Credit Report Act, all American consumers have the right to dispute and contest any item within their profiles.  You're paying for letters to be written on your behalf, to the credit agencies that make up your credit score.  Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

The protection plan includes lawyers and credit specialists that work with you to help prepare and dispute the derogatory items on your credit report.  This service itself is worth my $188.  They did all the work.  I read the documents, signed my name, and mailed the letters.

FES Credit Restoration

Credit Builder

Tons of information and strategies on how to improve your score.  Again, you've got a client support phone number to help you...but for a do it yourselfer like me, the information provided in the Credit Builder section was enough.  I learned a great deal and applied their strategies. 

FES Credit Builder

Debt Zero 

This is a tool to help organize and manage your debt.  I use the tool to hep payoff my debt the quickest and most effective way possible.  All my bills are neatly organized and they populate based on highest interest.  The tool tells me who much I should pay, whom I should pay first, and when I should pay.  Perfect for me.  I'm not lazy, I just need some direction.  The Debt Zero tool provides that direction.

Credit Attorney 

The service includes a bunch of lawyers acting on your behalf.  I've never spoken to any of the lawyers, but it's nice to know they're on your side.  

Smart Credit

Probably my favorite thing about the service.  It's like Mint, but for your credit.  I provided all my username and passwords for all my debtors (this took 30 minutes or so).  The tool did the rest.  Now, I can log in and see daily transactions.  I also setup alerts so when my credit score changes, I'll be the first to know.  

Smart Credit


The service includes an account with LifeLock.  I've seen their commercials, but never pulled the trigger.  This was a nice bonus.  It's a good feeling to know I've got an identity theft protection service on my side.  Admittedly, after I signed up, I haven't really played around with LifeLock yet.  That's on my "to do" list.  

Beyond services and tools to help my credit score, the plan includes some fun services.  MyCare Plan is a trust and will service.  My wife has been hounding me to get the will done.  I'll use this service to create my will.  

The Financial Lockbox service is also included in the plan.  Basically, this is an interactive virtual safety deposit box.  You can use the lockbox to store your most important information, usernames, passwords...etc, organize them with just one username and password.  I like this idea, but haven't used the service yet.

People also brag about the discounts FES provides with travel, shopping, and prescriptions.  Again, haven't got far enough to brag about these services.  You should know they do come with your plan and if you're a big coupon person, you'll probably dig it.  

What happens after you sign up?

You're sent a couple welcome emails.  Nothing special here.  The welcome emails provide your username and password.  The emails also include support phone numbers.  

The credit restoration service explains they need a copy of your social security card and drivers license (you can provide other ID's if you don't have one of these).  They need a copy of the ID's to help verify you are you.  The credit reporting agencies also need a copy when disputing derogatory items on your report.

I uploaded the documents into their system.

Now What?

So, when I first thought about "credit repair", I thought I was paying for someone to do all the work.  It's safe to say, I didn't know anything about credit repair.  The reality is YOU WILL BE DOING SOME WORK TO REPAIR YOUR CREDIT.  Sure, the credit restoration service is great.  It's nice someone is looking at your report, helping you dispute derogatory items etc.  But at the end of the day, YOU will be responsible for your own success.  I say this because I don't want you thinking the same thing I thought (pay someone to do the work).

How fast should you expect results?

Super tricky question. Everyone's situation is different.  Some people have bankruptcies.  Others have medical bills or repossessions that drag the score down.  My credit score increased in roughly 60 days.  The faster you start the credit restoration and apply all the strategies/techniques, the quicker the results.  I've heard of credit score increases from mid 400's to mid 600's in six months.  

Who should join the program?

Anyone with a credit score under 700.  However, I'm going to stay on the program until I reach my goal of an 800 credit technically anyone that is serious about improving their credit score.

If you're thinking about buying a house soon, credit score is crucial.  The higher your score, the less interest you pay on your mortgage.  We're talking about tens of thousands of dollars (could be hundreds of thousands after a 30-year mortgage).  It really adds up.  

Who should not join?

Anyone who thinks they're going to pay money and wait for their credit score to rise.  It doesn't work like that.  

Things I love about the service

The tools.  They're all easy to use and makes improving your credit score like a game.  It's actually fun to login into your account and play with the tools.  That's probably the key to the FES program.  If you can successfully make improving your credit score like a game, you can convince people to pay $89 a month to improve their credit.  I'm a bit of a cheap guy (just ask my wife), but FES made improving my credit score fun and easy.  If I'm willing to pay the $89 a month, anybody would.  

The company background is strong.  14 years in business.  A+ rating with the BBB. 10,000+ customers.  

Things that need to be improved

After I submitted my ID documents, it took two full days to get a response they received the documents.  I didn't call the customer support number, so next time I have a concern, I'll just pick up the phone.

Serious about improving your credit?

If you're finally ready to start improving your credit, this program works.  You have no more excuses.  For me, the desire to own a home was greater than the pain of admitting I needed help with my credit score.  My only regret?  Not signing up sooner....

If you're serious about improving your credit score...


Note:  I do receive compensation for referring the program to other people.  However, I'm not in the credit repair business.  I'm in the real estate business.  I'm not interested in making money off you.  I want you to improve your credit score, so you can purchase a house!  When you enroll in the program and buy a house with me, I'll refund the $188 startup cost at closing.  

Also, I'm a customer of the program too!  Call or email if you have questions about the program.  678-687-3554.

All the Best,

Rich Spaulding